The Ring Bernard Smith REPACK

The Ring Bernard Smith REPACK

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The Ring Bernard Smith

Hopkins did just enough to win this one. Smith is one of those quick, wild punchers,but the more important thing was his nasty hooking to the body in the fifth round. Smith was drilling Hopkins with jabs, but Hopkins was deflected by the hooks. Smith landed a left hook which buckled Hopkins knees and Smith followed with another left hook. Smith landed a left hook from the clinch. Smith continued to throw jabs, right hands, and hooks until the 9th round when he gave a trainer an extra pair of gloves because he couldnt get any more hooks in Hopkins. Smith was the more powerful man and had a nice winning counter puncher’s rhythm. I would have given Hopkins the title bout. Alas, boxing fans get this one.

Once again, Hopkins work was much better than the night before. Smith was trying to fight his way to a decision win. It may have been the best work of his career. Hopkins was much better. He played with Smiths punches and countered with hooks, uppercuts, and lefts to the body. Smiths confident jab never hurt Hopkins. Smith landed a left hook at the bell. The bell went off as Smith was on the verge of hitting Hopkins.

Smith’s handlers call out “Time” Smith rose in the ring and started toward Hopkins, who was still on the ground. Smith began to punch away at the former champion, who had now gotten up to his feet. Smith then placed Hopkins back down on his back. Hopkins’ gloves were still up at his head, as Smith delivered the single-punch knockout blow.

I’m sure the actual reason Smith threw the knockout punch was a natural instinct. Smith threw so many punches so quickly and they were so accurate that he could have punched Hopkins right in the head and he would have collapsed. Smith would have been a welterweight champion under the official scoring rules. Hopkins would have been the middleweight champion under the official scoring rules.

what is the dream and why is the dream so important? the dream, for me, is not about wealth. wealth could change me from being a fighter to being a philanthropist or whatever. it’s not about money. i’m satisfied with my life. and i don’t think i’m going to be lonely. i think most people are lonely. there are so many more things to do than just think of sex and just be around it. if you never find a companion with whom you can discuss all these thoughts you can go years without having someone to talk to and bounce some ideas off of. i want to learn and i want to think and that’s what it’s all about.
i had a friend who was a fight fan, and i was like, her brother is in the boxing gym. she went in and realized it was me, and she said i was funny. she recommended me to boston common, and that led to a social media account and after that it kind of took off, smith said.
the ring by bernard smith is an electrifying and engrossing memoir that resonates with the spirit of the fighter. one of the greatest boxing writers of our time, smith looks back at his life and his stunning rivalry with jesus shuttlesworth. an absorbing account, smiths book is a fresh look at the sport and a revealing portrait of a courageous man
when i walked out, i was kind of surprised and i asked for his signature because i looked at him and he was still standing there. it took a while for me to work the crowd around. by the time i got to the ropes, the people were all on one side of the ring, said smith. i turned the other way, and they broke and you could tell that i was doing the same thing, i was facing away from the crowd. i could see them before i walked out. as soon as i got to the top, i saw that the ring was still full and that he was still in the ring and that the crowd was reacting. i just faced away so i could see the guy i was facing.

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