Satellite Communication Book By Dc Agarwal Free Download [EXCLUSIVE] ⏫

Satellite Communication Book By Dc Agarwal Free Download [EXCLUSIVE] ⏫


Satellite Communication Book By Dc Agarwal Free Download

the book focuses on the satellite communications technology of two different satellites, and covers some of the latest developments in the field. it covers the basics of space navigation and spacecraft, the fundamentals of radio-frequency and digital communications, and the physics of satellite communication. it also includes complete coverage of the use of satellite communications in military applications, such as navigation, surveillance, and global positioning.

satellite communication is the transmission of information through satellite. it is used in civil and defense applications, such as communications, weather forecasting, and scientific experiments. satellite communication can be viewed as a subset of global positioning system (gps) technology, in that satellites are used to relay information from gps satellites.

satellite communication is the use of satellites for telecommunications purposes. the term refers to any communications link that uses a communications satellite, but the term is usually used to describe the use of satellites to send and receive information. in general, a satellite communication system is any system that uses at least one satellite for the purpose of transmitting information. such a system can be as simple as a hand-held communication device or as complex as an earth-orbiting satellite, which carries a large antenna, and a ground-based receiver in an operator’s facility or in a mobile vehicle.

satellite communication is distinguished from other modes of communication by its wide bandwidth, which allows for data rates up to 40 megabits per second. the capacity of the network can be further increased by using compression schemes, such as those found in mpeg-2, mpeg-4, or mp3.

this book offers a comprehensive overview of both spacecraft and ground-based satellite communications. it covers the fundamentals of space navigation and satellite radio-frequency systems, and provides a practical introduction to current trends in satellite communication. in addition, the book emphasizes the role of the satellite in global communications, as well as the prospects for the future. it also provides a detailed description of the most commonly used satellite communication equipment, including solar-powered and power-generating satellites. finally, the book describes many other aspects of satellite communications, including the construction and operation of ground station facilities, and the use of satellites for navigation and global positioning systems.
satellite communications is one of the most innovative and exciting fields of technology. this book provides the basis for understanding and practising this technology. it begins with a discussion of basic concepts such as orbit, velocity, acceleration, mass, inertia and rotation. this is followed by coverage of satellites, including the history and development of the field. the remaining chapters focus on the design, operation, and manufacture of satellites, with chapters on laser communication, infrared communication, microwave and radio-frequency communication, optical communication, and digital communication. a detailed section on economics is included, as well as chapters on the design and operation of ground stations. finally, there is a comprehensive list of useful websites.
this book provides a comprehensive and concise introduction to the study of satellite communications. it is intended for students who are new to the field or for those who want to refresh their knowledge. it begins with an introduction to the fundamentals of satellite technology, and then discusses satellites in general. this is followed by a discussion of radio-frequency satellites, digital communications, and satellite television, as well as a chapter on future trends and technologies. it also provides comprehensive coverage of several satellite communication technologies, including an overview of the latest developments in satellites and satellite communications, and a detailed account of the use of satellites for navigation and global positioning. further chapters cover ground stations and ground-to-space communications, as well as a comprehensive list of useful websites.

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