New Sisters Maria Ellen 1112yo Mega

New Sisters Maria Ellen 1112yo Mega

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New Sisters Maria Ellen 1112yo Mega

i introduced myself and showed her some pictures of our sisters. she looked at the pictures and said, “i don’t have any sisters.” i asked her what she meant and she said she was 12 years old. i looked at her and she looked at me and i started crying. she was the same age that my maria ellen had been when she died.

we took her home and enrolled her in school. she was shy and quiet at first, but she started to open up to everyone. she quickly made friends with everyone in the family, especially the kids. we all loved her so much. she would ask about her mom and her sisters and would want to know why we had left. she was a sweet child and we couldn’t bear to be apart from her. she went back to school and started learning how to read and write.

this little girl and maria ellen were the same age and they were best friends. they were the same. she loved to play with maria ellen. they would go shopping and go to the beach together. they were always together. she loved maria ellen more than anyone in the world.

the 1112yo took the mega title in august. the mega isn’t in the same league as the mega we’ve just seen but it’s still a very strong and consistent girl. she’s the top 5 girl in the country and one of the top 40 girls in the world. the mega has some of the same genes as the mega we saw earlier so she’s proven to be very strong and she’s also very consistent. this girl will be a great asset to her owners and they will certainly profit from this girls racing career. maria has done very well so far and is expected to continue on her way to stardom.

These are the questions that Ellen and Derek ask themselves and have answered. Ellen admits it was the right time, and there was just something about Derek she found comforting. He was strong and vibrant, yes, and she could count on him to be that. The fact that he was an athlete at Cal with a nose for business and a winning personality and also happened to be a confirmed bachelor, was exactly the combination she was looking for. Like God told her when the sisters started teaching the children, she knew what she wanted.
Everyday, Ellen finds herself doing things she never thought she would do. She is on the vice president of the board of directors of the nonprofit «Miss Ellen Back to School Give Back». Then she meets with the other board members, advisors, and donors to help launch the nonprofits reboot of Back to School Give Back for the 2020 school year. The youth have to do their own projects this year. Last year, the kids had the opportunity to work with professionals. Ellen plans to get the kids involved in art projects which teaches them that if they work, they can achieve all their goals and desires. The school year for the girls will start after the summer vacation is over and the boys can resume school. Starting on the first of September. Ellen volunteers her time. And the sisters teach the children and help their parents to learn the basics in life in a safe environment.
Speaking of a safe environment, its one that both Ellen and Derek agree is a must for all the kids to be cared for. Their private residence in the hills of New Milford is a haven for children from multiple races, ages and backgrounds. Their villa gives the kids a refuge from the worry of a world that is not as safe and secure as they want it to be.

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