Metin2 Pick Up Bot 19 ~REPACK~

Metin2 Pick Up Bot 19 ~REPACK~



Metin2 Pick Up Bot 19

on the other hand, there are a couple of things that detract from metin2. the english translations for the many menus and inventory items is often poor, so you’re either stuck playing the game in korean or playing the game with an english to korean translation.

each faction is designated by a color and has two different styles of their own. people are dedicated to one faction, and will try to get close to the greatest power. i believe the metaphorical strength of a nation’s power is directly related to the population in a battle. if your country has lots of people, then you can’t play as much as if you have a few people.

the game is divided into three factions: red, blue and yellow. each faction controls a set of territory in a continent. the red and blue factions are enemies and each control the continent of «red country» and «blue country». a certain portion of the world’s population will be friends and there will be friendly npcs and players who can help you improve your country’s economic status. the yellow faction «platinum country» is the largest and the strongest faction because of it’s large population and control of most territories in the continent. i have to say i’ve only seen the color red, blue and yellow stickers over the buildings and books i’ve visited. the color is clearly an allegory of what that faction believes.

metin2 is known to have a good reward system. the players who are extremely dedicated will receive many valuable items that are not available in other mmos. to get big rewards, you need to spend money and get close to the power of the factions.

despite metin2s slow character progression, the game still has fun content to explore in addition to the grind. players will have to explore the areas of the map that are unlocked. there is an endgame, however, players are strongly urged to grind their way to the maximum level. players can explore multiple areas and complete quests, all of which are balanced and interesting.
metin2 takes place in a persistent world, meaning that players will not be forced to restart the game whenever they want to change their character. the game is played in an isometric view, and each area, or map, has various activities and quests. the game has more than 200 different areas. there are also a large number of dungeons to delve through in order to increase the level of characters and experience points. new players are given a small introduction to the game, and are then thrown into a world of monsters, quests, and dungeons for them to learn. after they feel comfortable with the mechanics and enjoy themselves, they can start branching out into the deep end of the game.
unlike the more hardcore parts of a game like diablo iii, metin2 does not really require players to spend hours grinding to get experience. instead it is easier to get a character to level 30 and level cap the class fast.
the support system for players is pretty weak. players can get a list of all the shops that sell items for their character, and a chat system is available, but other than that there really isnt much to support players. players will have to make use of the forums, and hope that someone can help them on the forums. metin2 has a lot of options for players to choose from, but it does not really support anyone.

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