Medalofhonorwarfighterenglishlanguagepackdownload ^HOT^

Medalofhonorwarfighterenglishlanguagepackdownload ^HOT^



downloads are a sort of static files with specific language content. they are collected in a specific directory inside the /languages directory. an httpd.conf entry called englishwebsitepackdownload has to be created to refer to the specified language pack download. for instance, to reference the spanish website pack:


this is the initialisation step; it is necessary to do this before any firebase api calls. you can see the initialisation for more details at: .

firebaseapp.initializeapp(config, callback); 

this is the bit you are interested in; it is the method which loads firebase into your app. you can see the initialisation for more details at: . note that the callback is optional.


firebase maintains a global store of some users. the primary way to retrieve a users data is firebase.auth.userid . however, we also provide some helper methods to simplify this. the result of this method is that a specific user within firebase is set.

firebase.auth().currentuser.getidtoken().addonsuccesslistener(function (result) { console.log("======= current user ===="); console.log(result); console.log("======= firebase.user ===="); console.log(firebase.user); }); 

this method returns a token that you can use to replace the current token.

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