Jets N Guns Game Full Version VERIFIED

Jets N Guns Game Full Version VERIFIED



Jets N Guns Game Full Version

After playing Goodbye Deponia, I had to try Deponia Doomsday. It’s very similar to the previous game although I find that 2 main aspects set it apart. First, the story is incredibly mind-bending as it’s full of time loops, alternate timelines, and time travel. It admittedly confused me but in a way that made me want to dive deeper and understand it all. Thankfully, the sense of humour ties everything together nicely so even when you’re confused, you’ll still find enjoyment in the unfolding events.

The games driving premise isnt too inspired, either, and while the enemy are monsters, theyre just background scenery with the occasional tune change that stand out like a sore thumb. You fly around or even jump in and out of areas of the levels to shoot at various things like giant frogs, and some of it is fun but there is little else that isnt repetitive.

Yet, the guns dont cause immediate death, they usually just stun your target and that charge up is really your only source of damage. There are a few bosses, but theyre all fairly easy and easy to fail since their encounters almost exclusively consist of pure (and mostly unnecessary) blasting you with streams of bullets, and or spamming a preset order of attacks. That sometimes means double or triple tapping and youll easily run out of energy. Not every boss fights are that easy, though.

I love the game’s bombastic style. It is definitely very different and stands apart from any other game. The star ship and the planet are pretty interesting. I like the way you play as a pilot in space. I must admit that I’m not the biggest fan of shmups since most of them look the same and I can count on one hand the ones that are really well executed. Also, like everybody else here, I feel that the music and sound effects are very fitting to the whole game and give off a nice and warm feel to the play.

In addition to the eight types of ships included with the game, you have the option to buy eight additional, unlockable ships. Theres also the ability to quickly build a force of up to 12 ships, and you can use those ships to work your way up the ranks. The first rank unlocks homing missiles as well as special weapons. In later ranks, you’ll be able to unlock special types of bullets and ship types. If you can somehow avoid getting splattered by a meteor, the best ranking you can get is number eight, where you’ll unlock an invincible ship, a special booster, and a super weapon. You can then upgrade that item, which in some cases can really make a difference in the games stages.
The game’s four difficulty settings aren’t all that useful, so even if you can reach 100 percent (or whatever the highest rank is) you still won’t be able to complete each level in anything remotely short of a slow, methodical pace. The difficulty settings are set to four large portraits on the initial startup screen, which is about as much information as you can get before actually starting the game. I say that because nothing about the game seems to indicate that there are different ships and different difficulty settings. You can’t even see a warning screen on the beginning of a level, as the game is so bad it just chugs along.
If you’re an old-school shooter buff, then this game is for you. If you’re looking for a new adventure game, then this is also for you, although it can be easily surpassed by games like Master of Magic or Sushido .
Another issue that I encountered was when I played on a high-end PC, the graphics were fairly choppy. If you’re using a Mac with a decent processor and plenty of RAM this shouldn’t be an issue but if your Mac is older or if your computer gets choppy playing other games, then you’ll want to consider a different version of the game.

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