I Can Read Music, Vol 2: A Note Reading Book For VIOLIN Students Ebook Rar PATCHED

I Can Read Music, Vol 2: A Note Reading Book For VIOLIN Students Ebook Rar PATCHED

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I Can Read Music, Vol 2: A Note Reading Book For VIOLIN Students Ebook Rar

i am a fairly low-tech person. i love learning, but do not like learning things that i have to do in a certain way. if its available on a computer, i will be using that. i also find it easier to teach things this way because i have the ability to have them repeat what i say in their own words.
i use this principle with all of my teaching. i find it is the easiest way for me to remember information as well as for the children. we use a variety of websites to teach math, history, geography and science. we have a collection of books that we check out of the library that we use to supplement our learning.
each week we find a different author, a different topic, and a different set of books. sometimes the children will find books that i have not known about, others they have no interest in, but through out the year they are all exposed to new ideas and i am always impressed by how willing they are to try new things. we usually read the books together and as they are reading aloud, i will provide the background for the book. i will answer questions and provide any needed support for them. after they are finished, we will do our review and if they have any questions they will ask them. i find that they often have great questions and enjoy getting some direct advice from me, that way they feel they have the support of a teacher.
we have a couple of spines for the year that we choose every week. our routine has changed a little bit. we are no longer eating a meal together as a family. jeff still likes to have a bite while they play together, but we have made adjustments to make sure we have enough time to get everyone read and to do some of the things we want to do. we have a basket we use to store paper, pens, pencils, erasers, markers, etc. that we will set up the night before. the boys also bring their own supplies. we will all get dressed and go for a walk.

during the year we will have five of these book clubs. each one is different and we approach each of them from a different angle each time. one is a thinking reader. we pull from a few of our favorite non fiction books and read those first. then we move to a children’s fiction book. then we move to history. then we explore a great book. in between each book club we will spend some time exploring a variety of books or different genres. the five of us will rotate through which we read first.
we’re almost done! they have all cleaned up their table work and one of the boys is going to make the fire start for our evening fire time. then i will read a few bedtime stories and then they are all in their bed. that means they will all be sleeping on their own in another half hour or so. i sit for ten minutes or so and then i will come and get them. i think i will have just enough time to shower and get ready before jeff returns. if he is late i won’t read tonight and we will finish up the last few at daycare. we have a lovely evening of ice cream after that to recover from the day.
the boys music books begin with the whole group and i review the previous month music books so they are ready to go. i start with a brief explanation of the song and the rules of note reading and we will begin with something simple. we learn the singers name and by the end of the month we learn his song. this part is usually easiest for the younger two so i would set up a music memory game for them. if were working with a piece in the lesson i have the boys either be a part of the group or fill positions. i always have the third born practice a little before the others so he has time to practice with the other two. we usually do a simple first and second memorized song or a very familiar song in which the third born sings the higher voice parts. we play the first memorized song as the second one memorizes the higher parts and sings with the third. we usually start with a simple in a low register for the third born and then work up the scale as the other memorize the higher notes.


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