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want to get a taste of prijepolje? the official map app google play store brings you a complete mapping experience of the entire city of prijepolje, in addition to other important information such as: tourist attractions, sights, sights of interest, transportation, events, entertainment and much more.

its citizens have been making a living from farming ever since. the view towards the western horizon is not only inspirational but also breathtaking. it makes you feel like looking out towards the adriatic and the major city of belgrade.

as you continue your trip, you will notice you are now passing through the main part of the town. both sides are lined with paved streets and the view is constantly growing in size. from time to time, you will spot a patch of green where the serbs tried to grow some vegetables. it is the sultan’s park. you will also see the city walls and the castle of the renaissance period. it appears as an eye-opener for the architecture in prijepolje. much of the buildings are surrounded with more or less trendy cafes and restaurants.

if you continue on the road, you will get to the last town before prijepolje. the settlement of sokolovac is a bit farther outside the city. the road towards it is a bit longer, but you can turn off to enjoy a long stroll through a field of wild flowers. the view towards the mountains and the old austrian fortifications has much to offer. the village of alashovce (shoots) has its own story to tell. the story of the people who were forced into what is known as the prijepolje ghetto. a few years ago the monument was erected to pay homage to the people who died in the ghetto. it is estimated that in late 1941 to early 1942, the total number of deaths were at least 2,000 people.

“if you visit šumice, you’ll visit them both” … that’s what the world-famous poet bogdan radičević said about bajalica, a town on the river sava. what applies for prijepolje, belgrade, ruma and many other towns in serbia; all because of the particular location and history, as well as the multi-cultural character of the town, rich geography and architecture, peaceful nature and traditional way of life. this is the place where you could start a good life, where you could go to the town during the day and at night and have a good time. it is also because of this that the town is visited not only by the foreigners but also by the citizens of our country. hence, all this results from the fact that every year, more and more tourist come to visit prijepolje and everything connected with it. they wander the streets of the town, visiting its peculiar points, and enjoying the places where there is water or rivers. one of the places that our most famous writer is looking for is the vlaha river (vlaha is the river of prijepolje, this gives us the name of the town). when the tourist gets there, he/she will notice that the town of prijepolje has plenty of beautiful spots where he/she can spend the whole day. that is the reason why every year in august the city is quite busy with tourists and many of them are interested in the city of “vlaha, the cistern” as a possible place to visit.
apart from the fact that prijepolje is quite a popular destination, many people have a different idea of what they do on a weekend. some go camping and others go for hiking, but we have a more interesting destination in mind, a much more exciting place. they say that if you visit prijepolje, you will visit them both, and it should be no surprise that this town has got some stunning sights that you will just love. the city is definitely worth visiting and it is not only beautiful and delightful to the eyes of the tourists but it is also an ancient and rich town with its own history. to discover what can be done in prijepolje during a weekend, you can visit some of its spots: a basilica, chruch, waterfalls and other interesting sights and visit places. in addition, you will find a large number of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the pleasant summer, too.

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