Drivers Chipset X58 Y ICH10R Raid De Intel

Drivers Chipset X58 Y ICH10R Raid De Intel


Drivers Chipset X58 Y ICH10R Raid De Intel

the new p45 chipset is designed to be stable and easily expandable, so you can install additional devices like storage controllers, network adapters and controllers as you see fit. unlike the original intel chipset, the p45 is not intended to be a single-purpose chipset. it can be used as a standard motherboard chipset and even with its bigger heatsink, it will not overheat and lock up with heavy cpu usage. like the p35, the p45 chipset is not meant for high-end products.

the xeon 5500 series of xeons and its partner, the opteron 2320, are the first intel processors designed using the new intel core microarchitecture codenamed nehalem. core, along with the xeon 5500 and the nehalem xeons, are the first mainstream intel processors to use an architecture that incorporates a new core referred to as the integrated gpu (igpu).

the ich10r is a dramatic departure from the standard x58 motherboard layout, with the top two sata ports sharing a backplane to the pci express x16 slot. i doubt most enthusiasts will be too bothered by the layout, but it does take away the ability to hide the port in a motherboard tray.

on the practical side, the ich10r offers one of the best cable-retraction mechanisms weve yet seen from an x58 motherboard. the backplane is slightly narrower than the x58s standard, but the cables are too short to be a significant concern. since the port placement is dictated by the fact that the ata ports share a backplane, there are no empty spots to fill. this means that the ich10r can take up to five 2.5-inch hard drives.

the motherboard also features a brand new chipset-level power controller, based on the ones that shipped in the p35. the ich10rs controller offers greater efficiency, and it also supports two dc-to-dc converters to power the rest of the system. another welcome addition is that the ich10r supports wattage limiting, although the bios doesnt tell you the power limit at any given time.

the ich10r comes fully loaded with technology, including voodoo2, 3, 4, and 5, sli support, and even an integrated lan port. there are plenty of motherboard makers out there that couldve made use of the ich10rs capabilities, but none were willing to spend time creating a bios that enabled them to do so. youll have to be willing to roll the dice with this motherboard if you want the full ich10r arsenal.
the ich10r has a full complement of pci express x16 slots and six pcie x1 slots. theres also a pci express x1 slot for legacy applications, and the ich10r has the latest version of the pci express 2.0 standard. the ich10r also has a single-slot graphics card, albeit with an 8-pin power connector. the ich10r supports dual-channel ddr3-1333 memory, and it offers four serial ata ports. its x8 pci express x16 slot is the only one that isnt backwards compatible with an x58.
the ich10r features a total of twelve sata 6gbps ports. the six sata 6gbps ports are tied to a dual-port pci express x1 slot, and the six sata 3gbps ports are tied to a single-port pci express x1 slot. the ich10r also has a single pci express x16 slot, and theres four pci express x1 slots. the chipset features two pci express x1 slots which can power both graphic card and sound card. gigabyte has included some very useful pci express bios features, including smart response technology, enabling the ich10r to boot from an external device on its x1 slot.
the gigabyte ga-p45-ds4-ud3-b0 motherboard is a rather interesting beast in that it offers a 10-phase intel extreme chipsets like the p45 express, but isnt based on the latest and greatest intel p45 express chipset revision. the p45 express architecture was introduced last year, and the new revision, as well as the latest revision of the full chipset lineup that will include the p45 express, was announced back in may of this year, but the ga-p45-ds4-ud3-b0 is based on the chipset, but not the latest revision.

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