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he currently works in the san francisco bay area as a freelance consultant. he resides in oakland, california, with his wife and three daughters. he received a bs in computer science from depaul university, and an ms in computer science from the university of illinois at urbana-champaign. he has been a student of the mathfactory web site since 2001, and is a founding member.

when designing an effective mathematics curriculum, one must take into consideration a number of key elements including 1) the time and effort needed by teachers to understand and incorporate the material; 2) the extent to which the students will retain the knowledge and skills; and 3) the depth of material and the logical progression of mathematical concepts.

teachers must also keep in mind their own needs and desires to provide a well-rounded curriculum. for example, in the course of teaching mathematics, you may want to devote a portion of your time to reviewing what students had previously learned or incorporate a unit on induction. likewise, you may wish to incorporate problem-solving activities, or have students collaborate to learn how to apply a concept in their future careers.

to make a mathematics curriculum work for all teachers, these are just a few of the items that must be considered. when mathematics is taught properly, it is well-received by students. on the other hand, mathematics is rarely taught well. for this reason, it is important that this book be available to as many teachers as possible.

the common approaches to teaching mathematics and utilizing textbooks have changed little in the past century, and this book provides a refreshing alternative. teachers of mathematics need to change the way they instruct and how they use textbooks. they need to understand that success in the classroom comes from the skill and understanding of the teacher. this book is the perfect text to facilitate this change.

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