Believers Authority Andrew Wommack Pdf 13 High Quality

Believers Authority Andrew Wommack Pdf 13 High Quality


Believers Authority Andrew Wommack Pdf 13

the faith of the believer is a matter of obedience to scripture and to the lord’s will. faith is a matter of trust in god’s character. it is a matter of trust in the authority of god, his truth, and his promises, and the acceptance of what he has promised. it is a matter of both unshakable certainty that god can be trusted and trust in his promises. faith is the beginning of everything else, even of discipleship and obedience (rom. 1:17-22).

when believers engage in the spiritual disciplines of prayer, bible study, and fellowship with other believers, they are evidencing a certain amount of faith. when this faith manifests itself in the lives of the faithful, it is a fruit of the holy spirit’s work of sanctification. but faith is not itself the fruit of the spirit. the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (gal. 5:22-23). through the holy spirit, believers enjoy an abundant life (rom. 8:15). the fruit of the spirit is the evidence of the presence of the spirit.

to be truly effective, we must understand the power of the holy spirit, the source of all spiritual power. the holy spirit, who is all-powerful, can do anything with anyone that we ask him to do! he can do this because he is given complete authority over all things for the accomplishment of our spiritual good and the furtherance of the kingdom of god. thus, it is by his power that the believer is able to pray in faith, receive healing, and enjoy the peace of god that passes all understanding (romans 8:26-39).

are you dissatisfied with the way your life is going? has your life become mundane? do you long to experience the power and excitement of walking in gods miraculous ways? in this book, andrew shares twenty-one keys to an exciting and exciting life. as you read this book, you will discover ways to experience the supernatural power of gods word.
when andrew first encountered gods miraculous love, he was a young adult who felt trapped in sin and hopeless. within two months of receiving the gospel, he experienced god changing his life and his ministry.
believers authority is for you to help you in your personal walk with god. in it, you will find practical suggestions for relating to god, living a god-centered life, how to handle the trials, temptations, and problems you face, how to gain power through prayer, and much more. its an invaluable tool for helping you in your walk with god.
believers authority is an in-depth study of god, his will, and how to obey it. the author includes a study of gods character, lessons on his will for believers, a clear explanation of what faith in christ really means, and much more.
believers authority is designed to be a resource for the reader to go deep into gods will, for the purpose of fulfilling it. this study is best used for individual or group study with a teacher and small group facilitator. it is also helpful for churches, small groups, sunday school classes, or small discipleship teams. this study will help believers understand gods will more clearly, and live it out with boldness. it is an excellent resource for helping believers be more effective disciplers, and deeper walkers.

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