Assassins Creed III SKIDROW — Crack !!TOP!! ONLY

Assassins Creed III SKIDROW — Crack !!TOP!! ONLY




hello everyone, the crack is finished. the new version includes all the fixes, and also allows you to change your character with all the skins, meshes, clothes, animations and new gui screens. we need your help on how to do the modding so its possible to have more skins, or how to make it possible to change sub aspects or more stuff related to modding.

we saw that the italian version was unfinished, so we decided to help a little and make the cracking process a little easier. the version is done, but there’s one thing left: modding tools, so we have to work on that. the modding tools will not only allow us to change the skins, meshes and clothes, but there are also options to change menus, animations and new gui screens.

all the changes are done, but the patch needs to be uploaded, as soon as we have gotten the permission to do that. the files are in the «cracked» folder, so you will need a crack installer like rar, zip, 7zip or winrar to install the crack. once the crack is installed, the game will open without any crash and the subtitles and dialogue will be in italian. for optimal performance, disable the locali version of cpu llc, and enable the offline with the option to run the game without real time online checks, set sub-authorization for online checks and disable fullscreen optimization.

i updated the crack and i have no crashes any more; that was perfect to test and the english translation works very good no problems with dubbing more than i expected
can someone make a german crack please?
e.g. desmond: here i am
brett: yes, desmond
desmond: my faithful friend
brett: i am, desmond, i am breiðr
desmond: let’s go, breiðr
brett: okay, we are off. / enjoy!

a fun game with some interesting mechanics. the combat takes practice to get right and the controls have got a bit quirky but the story is fresh and really really good. the assassin call system works well and you can test your skills against other assassin’s (i.e. rikki’s little brother ) in the local diner or on rooftops. it’s really easy to get lost in this one and it can be a challenge but if you just have a bit of patience and a good idea of where you’re going then it will all come together for you. even with the few, bad bugs which are quite annoying but when you’re working out your tactics for an enemy and they’re mindlessly just standing around not even looking at you it’s pretty tough to get your head around what’s going on. there’s a number of different’special’ assassins to work out (the ones that are a bit different to the other ones) and you unlock them as you go. when you’re working with them you’ll find it’s just about making it worthwhile to use them. the one i’ve been using most is the one that you have to take them out silently — as you go about your business you’ll find them as you would a normal assassin and you can be stealthily taking them out. from time to time you’ll encounter another special assassin, these ones you have to be sneaky on so you don’t get your backside sliced off by them. i like the fact that even without the hood and cloak you can spot them on the rooftops so it makes it more of an exciting challenge when you encounter one. the graphics are very well done and there’s some nice detail and animation and i really like the character designs for some of the characters, you can’t get them to all look the same.

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