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You hate that name too. Its cute because of how it sounds, but every time someone in the fandom mentions it, you get the sinking feeling that theyre talking about you. Its bad enough that people know youre innocent, but your name is the big secret that will seal the deal. Youre the one who figured it out and you keep coming up with all kinds of ways to make it up to every one. Yeah they might say innocent and Jotaro will say innocent and Jean-Pierre will say innocent and Polnareffs gonna say innocent and the stand will say innocent.

Riding in the back of the van with you on the way home, he takes his last glance at you as you lean back to sleep and prays that you stay that way. He can`t help but enjoy the look of pure innocence on your face that`s being bathed in the glow of your night light.

Thanks to SusiQ, many people know hes innocent. And despite being known for being the hardest working fighter, hes got a surprising soft side too. It doesnt hurt that Polnareffs a close friend who happens to be your fiance, so hes a big cuddle bug if you ever want to count that benefit.

He often tells you he wishes he had a quiet nature like yours. He often tells you that he cant even believe how innocent you are, and that he wishes he was more like you. His only concern is that youre constantly getting in the way of the guys healing. With you always looking over their shoulder to make sure theyre okay, youre being an impediment to your husbands mental well being. However, you only want to protect him.

But this hes innocent. You still really dont like how hes been treating you lately, so its lucky that hes your fiance. When youre getting the hell beat out of you by a man, its hard to maintain your cool, but Jotaro keeps telling you that hes a good guy, so you can handle it. Its too bad you cant stop him, but that aint your problem anymore. Well it is, but not anymore anyway. You miss the way that the boys would protect each other with their fists, the way they would talk to a certain lady in a husky tone, the way they would squeal like little girls whenever they would catch their father fucking a succubus. But most of all, you miss the way they would talk to you about all the icky things Dio would do.

The fact that youre still afraid of them has to be the biggest sign youre not so innocent after all. Its the same for the rest of the group, especially Yagami-san, and even Dio has a few terrors he doesnt dare confess to you.
Jotaro and Nurarihyon are very proud of you. Theyve always watched over you protectively, always believing in your innocence, and now they see you achieving your dreams. They also know the price you paid for the opportunity, and accept your apologies in full.
Amitie won back your childhood innocence with a kiss, proving that the rumor about you two being lovers was completely false. The truth is that after being a good girl for so long, youre overwhelmed by the sins of man. Until you met Amitie youve never been touched by any man but your father and Jotaro, and even Kakyoin feels that way about you. Its rough to spend your life behind closed doors away from society, and being so pure and innocent and vulnerable isnt a good idea. You can try to pretend to be your normal self, but you know the truth. With your newfound freedom as a Stand User and your new home under construction, you can finally be the woman you want to be: generous, free, and selfless.
Your pet imyun, Kakyoin Urashima, had a field day when he saw the two of you. He changed his name when you did, because its only fair for you to be able to ride him all over the country. He loves you and your innocence so much he felt it was worth changing his name to keep it safe.
Your father visited the family the day you finished riding Imyun, and he saw that you were in pain over the bonding ceremony. Youve been trying to avoid the subject all week. Even the little miracles that Nurarihyon did to keep you safe were unable to keep you from grasping for your lost innocence. Kakyoin is so precious to you that youre doing everything you can to not admit its gone. Jotaro assures you hes been more than patient with you, but he doesnt know the full extent of your misery.


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