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Download Setup & Crack >>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


A murder mystery game with a twist.
Detective in a detective-game.
You play an investigator hired by a museum to locate a prototype discovered in an antique store. However, as the game progresses, you realize the shop-keeper was murdered, and the prototype is not only the key to the case, but the killer’s plan to solve the mansion he is soon to inherit. To make things worse, the owner of the mansion hides a shocking revelation right before your very eyes…
After you call the police you realize that the evidence points towards you. But you’re not the only one investigating the case, and you’re not the only one that holds the key to this case. Will you uncover the truth behind the mansion’s puzzling past? Or will you become the next victim?

3.4/5 (613 votes)

Behind the Scenes

The game is a word-puzzle game, but it has a detective-story twist.
The idea is that you take on the role of a detective who has been tasked to solve a case at an antique store. As the game progresses, you realize that the shop-keeper was murdered, and a witness hides a puzzle with an important clue.
However, as you check the basement, you realize that the game isn’t about you, but someone else. The witness is also targeting the manor and its owner. The more you find out about this manor, the more you realize that someone who is playing a role in the game is trying to kill you…
The game’s story is fully voice-acted, but there are no graphics. The gameplay is a combination of text-based-interaction and point-and-click.
Version 0.1
Trying to get it on Steam.

11 music tracks for each case.12 cases. A word-puzzle with a detective-story twist.

The word-puzzle is great, and the mystery is so awesome that you might want to finish the game as soon as possible, and go on a hunt to gather more clues.
But if you want the game to be a challenge, you should find all the cases first, and then go on a hunt to piece together this puzzle. You need to decipher what you see, and ask the right questions.
The game can also be played solely using the mouse, so you can solve the puzzles using your keyboard.


The game


Wuxia Master Features Key:

  • A retro-style graphic, very rich in detail.
  • A structured and easily navigable interface, providing a better gaming experience
  • A complete history of your entire journey
  • How to play:

    • You will enjoy Classic Mode, a pure classic gaming experience.
    • In Retro Mode you will enjoy a unique graphics and design of the game.
    • In Pure Mode italian and international languages are available (Japanese for the JP version).

    Technical Specifications:

    • Retro-style grid of squares
    • 40 unique characters (2 for every level, via Grand-master level 9)
    • 9 rare and very powerful weapons are hidden from you for from the start
    • 5 different and extremely challenging bosses, put together by our expert game developer (level 4: Jesus; level 5: Archimedes; level 6: Saladin; level 7: Sampiero Avogadro; level 8: Beethoven)
    • 4 different, more than 50 challenge levels are available
    • A global scoreboard, with your achieved statistics
    • Nice soundscapes based on the classics of the 80s
    • The very original music of the two protagonists: Super Tartar and Kung Fu Maestro
    • A picture where you’ll find an accurate portrait of the two characters, our two game creators, Daniel Sacco and Pietro de Marzi
    • Translated in English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German and more than 8 languages
    • More than 1 year of work (November 2018 – present)

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