Telerik 2014 Q1 Full Downloadl [NEW]

Telerik 2014 Q1 Full Downloadl [NEW]


Telerik 2014 Q1 Full Downloadl

the developers that i met were from a variety of product teams. i don’t know the particular product teams that they work on and i am not allowed to ask, but i will say that they were very receptive to the fact that i was looking for information on their product teams. i wasn’t expecting to meet developers, but i was looking for insight into the context of the telerik portfolio and i was happy to learn more about the product teams from the developers.

one of the things that i was looking for was insight into the telerik portfolio. i was looking for a picture of the telerik portfolio. although the overall telerik portfolio is a bit of a mixed bag, telerik has developed several products that i am interested in. a couple of my interests include the telerik open access and rich internet applications (rias) products. telerik open access is an apache license based product that enables public access to ria content without requiring a traditional publishing model. telerik rias are javaserver faces (jsf)-enabled web application development tools that allow developers to build rich internet applications that run in the browser without the need to write a line of html. i have previously blogged about the telerik open access and telerik ria here and here. i met a few developers from telerik’s open access product, but i was not able to get much insight into the product from the developers.

here are some of the teams and their pitches:

team name









team size

startup name

pr. revenue

year founded

type of funding (if applicable)

team pic

telerik 2014 q1 full downloadl

this past weekend was the first hong kong startup weekend (h2k2012) and was, in my opinion, awesome. yeah we have to face for teched 2010 trophy, but it is great to see the appreciation of the voters.

if youre a businessperson, advocate, consultant, or friend, votes for telerik products (justcode, radchart, telerik radmenu, radcontrols), community resources (community), and component sets (teampulse, radcontrols for ajax), (telerik radgrid for ajax) and (radmenu for ajax). if youre into visual studio 2010 and telerik justcode, and radchart for ajax, radcommunity is the perfect extension set for ajax. even smartclient. radmenu for asp. for asp. radcontrols for asp.

we even had time to hit the racetrack at happy valley on wednesday night for oktoberfest night for a cohort social. on friday we had our first check-in to see how the teams were doing and each team did their elevator pitch. (one team included their winnings at happy valley as their first revenue. ) a great start to the accelerator. stay tuned for more updates. accelerator startups telerik posted on tuesday, october 11, 2012 7:21:33 pm (eastern standard time, utc-05:00) comments [0] trackback thursday, october 11, 2012 my visit to launchub, the first bulgarian startup accelerator on tuesday night i visited and delivered a talk to the cohort at launchub, bulgarias first software startup accelerator. launchub is financed by a seed fund made up of private and eu money. launchub is hosted at a great co-work space, betahaus, in downtown sofia. it was great visiting betahaus and meeting the teams. i quickly noticed that the bulgarian accelerator is the exact opposite of acceleratorhk ; in bulgaria, the teams are engineering heavy, while in hong kong, the teams are business people/designer heavy. too bad we are too far away for a merger.
the agile buffet table: implementing your own agile process with microsoft alm tools new to agile having challenges implementing an agile process in your organization have you been using scrum, but need to bend the rules to make it work in your organization cant get the business to buy-in come and learn about implementing an agile process in your organization. you’ll look at the buffet table of agile processes and procedures and learn how to properly decide what to eat. well start by defining xp, scrum, kanban and some other popular methodologies and then learn how to mix and match each process for various scenarios, including the enterprise, isvs, consulting, and remote teams. then take a look at agile tools and how they will aid in implementing your development process. youll see how microsoft team foundation server 2010 provides process templates for agile that facilitate better planning and metrics. learn how microsofts application lifecycle management (alm) tools can support your development process. lastly, we will talk about how to sell agile to your business partners and customers. the speakers have a very interactive style so participation is encouraged and there will be plenty of time for q&a. presenters: stephen forte, chief strategy officer of telerik

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