XSplit Broadcast V 1.2.1301.1501 Serial Key

XSplit Broadcast V 1.2.1301.1501 Serial Key



XSplit Broadcast V 1.2.1301.1501 Serial Key

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Resize UITableViewCell in Interface Builder

In my app I have created a tableView with different cells. In some of them I need to add a label, so I’m using UITableViewCell. But, there are some of them that have little label that’s why I can’t get rid of the grey space at the bottom of the cell.
Is there any way to resize the cell in Interface Builder so that I can add the extraLabel on it?
P.S.: I did search the internet about this matter but it doesn’t work for me.


In IB, select the cell you want to edit.
While your fingers are on the UITableViewCell, drag the


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XSplit Broadcaster V 1.2.1301.1501 Serial Key.Posted: December 17, 2013

UPDATE: Original Post

While the official iPhone 5s / iPhone 5C review is still underway, various reporters continue to post pictures of the new chassis they’ve been testing. The latest one shows the shell covering the top half of the phone.

This is an image of the iPhone 5s I got today – a still from a video. I’m not going to link it because it’s a godawful video of the «release date announcement» video. What you’re about to see, however, is the iPhone 5s’s rear shell. pic.twitter.com/YyPthnFFRu — Ben Popper (@popperblog) December 16, 2013

As you can see, the current backplates are visible in the photo. The white areas on the rear are the existing iPhone 5 logo, although it seems to be blank on the current model.

We’re not expecting any major improvements this year, but we’ll update this post if we hear anything more!

Thanks for the tip, @suhartotsQ:

Integer as index of ArrayList?

What happens if I insert an integer as an index of an ArrayList? The performance? (I’m using the modified version of LinkedList)
Thank you!


The performance is not an issue. It is an issue with the LinkedList «standard library» that has been «modified». The solution is to change the list to your own LinkedList implementation.
When using raw types it is advisable to use a List type that lets the compiler check at compile time that you are not passing