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navisworkslt helps you to create high quality, user-friendly designs that are easily shared, navigated, and presented. the software allows you to quickly transfer data between environments and collaborate on the same file using navisworks freedom viewer software.

autocad lt is the native drawing application for windows for use in file exchange with other design applications. automatically convert dwg, dxf, rtf, and other drawing formats into the dwg format for output in autocad lt.

autocad lt allows you to create stunning 3d and 2d designs with new cutting-edge technology, lots of materials, extensive documentation available, and numerous customization features. it can work in a way so you can use drafting settings from dialogue boxes available on the interface through quick access toolbar. dwg (drawing) is the native file format for autocad and a basic standard for cad data interoperability. the software has also provided support for design web format (dwf), a format developed by autodesk for publishing cad data.

get the whole-project view using navisworks solutions. combine design data created in autocad, revit, and other applications with models created by other design tools. then, view these files with navisworksfreedom viewer software. nwd files viewed with navisworks freedom give stakeholders equal access to explore and experience whole projects.

the lt contains features such as user-interaction methods (triggers), automatic output, and customizable workflows. it has architectural features such as timelines, smart feature links, modeling, presentation, views, tab and context menus, and measurement tools. in addition, it offers data management capabilities for drawings, including support for the dwg, dwf, dxf, and dgn file formats.

as autocad has grown in functionality over the years, so has the demand for training. we have created a partnership with microsoft to make sure you receive the most up-to-date and effective training available.
properties such as size, color, linetype, 3d, text, picture, and layers can be configured in layers. the layer properties are globally saved to the drawing so that they are available whenever you open it. you can change layer properties easily using the layer dialog box.
autocad allows users to add on features, such as ergonomic design features, that allow them to get through complicated design elements more quickly. when adding new features, the developers observe the preferences of the users and adapt the application to make it as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.
autocad is based on an object linking and embedding (ole) file format. ole files are data files that contain well-organized content, and users can add or create their own data files with ole components. this is especially useful in designing. ole containers can be used in applications like microsoft word, excel, and powerpoint. they can also be used in autocad.
autocadallows you to perform several useful tasks, such as 2d and 3d modeling, 2d and 3d drafting, importing and exporting to other file formats. it is your ultimate drafting and design tool. with the help of this application, you can create a model of your own design. it allows you to create a 2d drawing for 2d or 3d modeling.
navisworks is an application that allows you to view your content, model, shapes, and colors. the navisworks tool offers a comprehensive solution for the visualization of the content of a specific navisworks project and it does this in three ways: 1) project-based collaborative view, 2) collaborative view and 3) separate views. the all-new navisworks freedom program offers completely new features that allow users to view navisworks project files in any environment, from one file to thousands of distributed files.