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refxnexusfreedownloadcrackforwindowsA recently hired legal consultant for the parents of a white high school student who was bullied for being black is investigating the teens involved in a complaint that a police officer coerced a racial confession from their son.

New York-based lawyer Jerad Miller is representing the parents of Easton High School sophomore Antonio “Shawn” Diaz, whose arrest last month on a burglary charge was the culmination of a weeklong ordeal in which the 16-year-old’s involvement in a fight was pinned on him.

Texas A&M professor Sandra Stotsky, who received a promotion to a junior faculty position at Rice University last week, said at a university news conference Saturday that Diaz’s parents should ask the police why they were arrested after the student was questioned.

“It’s important to know who put them in there and why they said those things,” she said, adding that she believes the officers were “making assumptions about what was going on and that’s where this abuse happened.”

She said officers “may have a fear that this child is going to beat the case and get out.”

Texas A&M University has terminated Stotsky’s contract with the school and is investigating her academic work and speaking engagements since being hired as a professor in November 2015. The university said it fired her after she violated its teaching and research contracts, saying her actions “represent a clear violation of the code of academic ethics.”

Diaz’s parents claimed the student was illegally arrested and coerced into