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Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 Step By Step Books Pdf File

So, to be more clear, what I want to do is create a slideshow. After editing and downloading the template, I was wondering how to create a slideshow using these. When I looked it up online, it said that I had to click a button in the template. The slideshow only has two slides. I looked again online and found out that the button is inside the header and the body (or outline) of the slide. I’m new to PowerPoint, so I’m at a loss. Can someone please help me?


The Template has a few options.
To create a Slide Show there is a button on the Page Layout tab which is found on the bottom right, as you can see below:

To customize your Slideshows there is a button on the slide which is also found on the bottom right

This opens a dialog, which will give you access to the View, Design and Customize sections. See below:

The options you are interested in are found in the View section, as shown below:

As you can see, you can use the Header and Background options to change the layout, theme, background and footer (if included in the template).
Make sure that you also read the notes that were given with the template. For example the first slide shown uses a clip art image, and you should not use that. The other notes should be quite informative and help you get going.

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