Libro Almanaque Mundial 2017 Pdf UPDATED

Libro Almanaque Mundial 2017 Pdf UPDATED


Libro Almanaque Mundial 2017 Pdf

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Excel VBA — Findout which column is responsible for formula

I have the following formula in cell N36:
It seems that the formula was used by dragging the formula down, so I have to cut it off.
I would like to know in which column the formula came from, and which row it is on.
I have tried to use FIND but this only returns the number of the column, not the row.


If you have Excel 2013 then use the Pivot Table Wizard.
Open the Pivot Table wizard and set the destination cell to be the «First Row» value. This will copy the value from the end of the formula to the first row, and not include the actual formula. Then highlight all the rows and do Data->PivotTable, and it will report the actual row count.
The formula in A3 is:


This returns the result 8.
The Pivot Table that results is:

The formula is set to the first row of the «First Row» value. The result is the first row. If you highlight the rows, it will tell you 8 rows are highlighted. Data->PivotTable reports 8 rows are selected.

All the rows were selected for the Pivot Table, and the pivot results of 8 rows will report.

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