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Using git to collaborate with another developer

I’m a relatively new team lead for a small development team. Currently, I have one team member who is working on a task he’s assigned to. I’ve done some work on it, but haven’t been able to push the code back to git. I want to make a branch out of that task so he can see what I’ve been working on and apply his changes.
I’ve been told that it’s possible to get this done easily and efficiently with git, but I don’t know how. I don’t have any experience with git and I’m not really sure where to look.
What steps do I need to take to get this done? It’s really important that I have this happen with the least amount of rework possible for this team member.
If it makes a difference, he’s a member of a team that is an open source project that I administer with. The open source project has not been setup to use git by default, but I can add it to the project for any code developed and I can take and push my work back to the team.
The codebase is really small and our team is tight. I don’t want to bother him with another project if I can avoid it.


You need to set up a branch for him where he can create changes that you can pull in later.
You should read up on branching and merging here:

Here is a nice intro video tutorial on the GitFlow workflow:

I would suggest starting out with just using pull requests. The steps for this are:

Create a pull request for your branch to the master
When the commit is merged, the reviewer should approve it
The reviewer will then merge the merge request and finish the process