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720p Hd English Chalo Dilli Movie

if you’ve seen the original for yourself, you will know that if there is one thing that lies beyond the shadow of a doubt, it is that the uniqueness of the film lies in the fact that it’s being shot on the roof of a train in which the four leads are traveling to delhi. it makes you want to spend time in the train and the people in it.

i very much liked the story of the film. the journey of four lead actors traveling to delhi is a good one, and is continued on the train. the trip leaves you with a funny story to tell your friends. the film is a nice one. only way better is a film called travel,trouble, tragedy. sorry! i did not like the film. but, the film is good. i thought that bajirao singham should have been titled as local fest,chalo dilli. if i had made such a film, i would have named it local fest, chalo dilli. that would have been a bigger film. but, this one is good too. i wish the film was longer. the two songs were not that good.

when a pretty girl like lara dutta falls for a hottie like vinay, things are bound to get complicated. yes the comedy is corny but you have to take it with a grain of salt since you cant expect an original script from priyadarshan. watch it if you are having a boring day or traveling in the train. people on the social media will give you a hard time for watching such a niche film but hopefully they appreciate the guts the director had to make his movie. for me, this was a must watch.

if you have no idea of whats a train, you wont connect with the film. this is not an ad for railway. i did not watch this to preach railway. it is a film. a small piece of a railway journey that offers the kind of grandness that watching tom hanks travel in the yellow submarine brings to mind.

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while the movie isn’t as witty or over-the-top as it could have been, it has a running gag that the characters and sometimes the viewers find themselves in the funniest places. for example, as they drive towards manali, manu narrates the story of a day when they took a bus from delhi to kishtwar. mihika and vinay were in the bus with manu. he tells the story about the bus being in a bad state and skipping several stops en route. the listener knows that the stop that took off is kishtwar, and that manu wants to get there asap. as they move into mountains, we hear voices of children, etc. soon, we find out that it’s a school, where manu used to teach in the morning. he tries to explain what a school looks like and what its students wear, but then the driver proceeds to hit the brakes and we realize that they are at a school. as the movie begins, manu tells the story about what happened after they got to manali. mihika, for her first time, gets into a jeep ride, which goes from manali to manali. just as they are passing through the mountains, she asks vinay if he takes pictures to which he replies that he has a camera. she, however, says that she has never taken such a long ride. «why?» he asks. and she says, «i don’t know.. i don’t know! i’ve never been!» it’s a well-done gag, and allows the viewer to get a bit of a (mihika-) kick.