Sola Gsm Calc V05

Sola Gsm Calc V05


Sola Gsm Calc V05

what are the biggest challenges sola faces as a business now? solas biggest challenge now is addressing the issues affecting our salon professionals and their businesses. while the mandatory closures of our salon studios were a necessary evil, what we experienced was a complete disruption of our businesses. with sola being a franchise and business model that relies on the independent salon professional to operate, we can not afford to have a disruption of our business when we reopening.

my top advice to salon professionals in the current situation is to be patient and be kind to one another. it is important for salon professionals to prioritize their salon professionals first and foremost. if you find yourself in need of babysitting services or reduced client visits, we have a «swim-n-play» option available in your salon studio that allows you to have a water station and play area available in your salon. i encourage you to visit our website to find out more.

is solas business model right for you? solas business model is certainly not for everyone. we started sola salon studios with a vision to create a community for salon professionals and that is what we have done. sola is a business model where the salon owner is independent and they run their business according to their own vision and business model. we offer private studio space, marketing resources, technology, community and more.

to date, almost half of the sola units are back in operation with a strong focus on bringing our independent salon professionals back on the job. we have also added a package that provides our salon owners with a beautiful sola branded studio, 50% off of their rent for the month, and 25% off the cost of supplies, allowing them to continue to pay rent and service clients at the same time.

the good news for salon professionals is that sola believes it is important to continue to support you, even in these uncertain times. sola remains committed to supporting the salon community with its franchise and business model. you can still expect same level of service and support as before, even though most people are not physically attending your salon.
do you think the way you started your salon was the right way? yes! the idea of opening my own salon was very different from what i know now, as i had worked in event logistics for the last five years. i started sola salon studios with a vision to create a community for salon professionals and i have been very fortunate to have met some of the most incredible individuals along the way. ive also learned a lot from my own mistakes, which have helped me be successful in the long run.
what are the biggest impacts of covid-19 on your salon business? the biggest impact on my business has been the forced closures of all ten of my locations. the forced closings were a result of the mandatory stay at home orders issued by the government to help prevent the spread of covid-19. solas salon professionals are predominantly women who are the primary providers for their families. the mandated closings of our salon studios for up to seven weeks has had a devastating impact on their families. we needed to prioritize our salon professionals first and foremost. sola made this decision in order to help our salon professionals and their families keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. however, we are now faced with addressing the issues affecting our salon professionals and their businesses.

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