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“Ambre” is a game that was created and directed by Julien Le Justicier in 2013.
But this game also has a long biography! Ambre is, among other things, the start of the Meilleur Jour project, a real adventure published in collaboration with Manon Raimbaud: «One of the most beautiful people and the best of his class».
The collaboration was an overwhelming experience for Ambre: with two amazing creative partners, he was able to express himself.
This genuine expression has allowed Ambre to be published in 2013 by Puzzy Games.
«Ambre — A heartbreaking kinetic novel» received a perfect score of 9/10 from Pegi, the game won several awards in its genre and is currently re-mastered for the PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.
The writer has only been going at the story for two years, it’s been a long process to find the object that was missing at the beginning: a heart.
Now, it’s official! We understand very well why the title of the game is Ambre and not Amour, because we would love to hear from you!

Recommended by Pegi, M4PS and industry experts, Ambre is an independent project that reinvents games. Its creators, Julien Le Justicier and Manon Raimbaud, have also created Meilleur Jour, which was awarded in 2015 as «One of the most beautiful people and the best of his class», and «Best Mental Health Project» at the 50th edition of the International Festival of Games at E3. Ambre has won the French games prize «Best Rookie Game of the Month» (October 2013), «Best Art» (October 2013) and «Best Arts, game and music» (December 2013).

«Ambre — a heartbreaking kinetic novel» is a game that will remind you of a short story with epic emotions. A love story that will leave you immersed and wanting to know more. A love story that will spin you in Ambre’s world.
In the year of 2016, in a city of Paris and the center of a rich and influential family, a love story begins to unfold: it starts with a meeting, a kiss and above all, the love of Violette, daughter of the Count of Pouxier. In the beginning, Ambre seems so perfect, there is nothing on the horizon, and the


Features Key:

  • Good Funny Artwork — 50 high resolution abandonded or broken objects, weird renders, scary exampels, rare place symbols, emotions etc. All artworks are made by my hand and no stock picture or photo is used. They are all made in various resolutions like 4k/2k/2k, 1680×1050/1440×900
  • Sound and Ambiences — Beautiful crafted and deep ambient soundscapes, cinematic sounding music pieces or pop songs. This game contains 5 unique soundtracks for easy access.
  • Objects, Backgrounds and Scripts — 50 high quality high resolution objects, objects, scripts and backgrounds. All of these objects come with useful options and settings to make your game looks like the realistic one.
  • Customizable Options — Every file contains various advanced settings to make basic objects or characters look awesome.
  • Thumbnail Previews — It’s quite easy to preview the artworks in 5 resolution with each file name containing 5 resolution thumbnails. So no matter what scene you are editing you will always have a quick preview of the final picture.
  • WYSIWYG Editor — Everything I designed is easily available without any limits and follow WYSIWYG Editor specs.
  • Unlimited Editing — Every single file is highly editable according to your every size and resolution. You can delete everything if you like that, or you can add in additional artworks or characters once you are done.
  • Mobile Support — This game is developed fully for to maximize performance on any mobile device.
  • Easy Game Asset Pipeline — GIMP can be used as a collection process for editing, resizing, rotating, converting, adding vintage effect, copyright free music and much more. This process is very simple and a complete tutorial is included in the repository.
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