Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error













Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error


I found a post about the Mercedes Sprinter Vito Start Error but I don’t have the money to get a mechanic to fix my car. I have the car up front parked on the drive with the engine running. It was working fine the other day when I left it and have started it up several times since then and it says there is a start error. I am having trouble with the part number and I dont know how much it would cost to have my mechanic get it fixed. It is 4K miles and it has been serviced regularly.


The subject is incomplete information.
In other words, we don’t know a lot of information to give a useful answer.
Which specific Mercedes CDI model are you talking about? (This could get you different answers for different models.)
When it happens, do you hear cranking over the dash and eventually «Start» is displayed?
Where does this occur? (what day, what time, what other problems, etc.)
Having the door open and the headlamps on could help.
Do you hear a «puff»? (Sounds like there is a «creep», perhaps called «creep surge»?) If so, then there’s something wrong with the fuel pump.
Do you hear a ticking? (Sounds like the engine «flywheel» might be failing.)
Do you hear a grinding, rattling, or clanking noise? (Sounds like there is a «creep», perhaps called «creep surge»?)
Is it happening when you’re trying to start your car but nothing happens (so the same error code is shown) or after you start?
What does the Engine’s Diagnostic page show? (And again, no unnecessary information.)

Is the info on the fume panel really incomplete or not included?
If you’ve had your engine running, is there any smoke?
Is it happening all the time? (Some engines have issues when the engine is cold, and the coolant needs to be warmed first.)

How long have you had the car, and how often has it needed attention?
Do you work at night? If so, is it during the day, and if so, what about? In other words, are you «working on it» at night, then it fails? Or, are you trying to start it in the morning and it fails then?

This is one of


The example of the printout will be shown below. ******** Start error for Mercedes Sprinter Vito at 20/04/2019 17:19, error code 1.3.txt = 0x000C1A38, wtt = 0x71
Synchronisation tool available by purchase,
the installation is performed within 20 minutes per “”
I hereby confirm that I have a valid by line signed by the seller above.
The engine control unit has successfully been shut down.
The following modifications have been done to the vehicle:
The vehicle is located in the address ********
Mercedes Sprinter Vito
Vito (W639) 10K5017
20/04/2019 17:19.
Diagnostic access by air connection necessary for modification 2.2L A00153 02 79 0 281 010 231 eeprom 24C04.
No modification or adjustment to the Mercedes Sprinter Vito is required for the purpose of the diagnostic modification.
The factory Audi diagnostic tool is still functioning.
There are no further instructions for the modification.
It is possible that it is only necessary to perform a recalibration of the vehicle.
In order to perform the recalibration or for further information, contact the service centre responsible by the vehicle.
Thanks for your consideration.
Specialized repair centre “Brüning-Setzungen”.
B. Mayr-Dresden-Dircksen.
Email to customer service:
Electronic address:
Telephone: +49 (+49) 9702076-0 0
Vehicle warranty: 2 years, no claims,
Mercedes warranty
Delivery location: 21st street Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Mercedes-Benz — Mercedes ECU
GS-3043 Connected Engine Control Unit
Motorika YS-0520 Mercedes ECU
EA-5024 Immobilizer ECU
ECU Cover For 1.8l V6
MB Sprinter Start Error
Jan 2, 2014
Start error for MB Sprinter Vito



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