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Map Maker is a lightweight software application specifically designed to help anyone who wants to create maps.
Customizable interface
When you launch Map Maker, the app automatically starts in full screen mode, but you're however allowed to change the default configuration to better address your needs. The interface is highly customizable and you can select the tools you want displayed in order to work only with the ones you need.
The application enables you to select various file types that contain the data you want to create the map with, such as GEO, TXT, BMP, DRA, STL, LOC, JP2, DBF and many more. Each of these files is used for adding new layers to your map project.
Powerful tools for map creation
After you selected the layers you can start drawing elements, such as lines, arrows and polygons, and you can also select various symbols or text you want to add. All elements come with multiple styles to choose from, but you're also allowed to design your own styles for them.
Furthermore, Map Maker enables you to easily navigate through your map by scrolling, zooming or going to specific coordinates.
Map Maker offers you the possibility to perform multiple operations on the vectors created on the map, like removing polygons, setting all text to one height, deleting similar or duplicate objects, as well as generating IDs and labels for them. You can edit the bitmaps elements by calibrating, trimming and converting color images to mono .
Another essential feature the utility provides you with is the option to import GPS data so you can add waypoints, landmarks, tracks and other information using exact latitude and longitude values.
When you finish your project you can export the map and select various methods of displaying it, with highlighted countries or a perspective view.
In the end, Map Maker is a handy software solution for cartographers or anyone else who wants to design complex maps.


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Map Maker Crack+ With Registration Code Free Download [Win/Mac]

Turn your own satellite photos into a map you can use anywhere.
With Map Maker Crack Keygen, you can create a downloadable file, a web gallery, or embed it into a web page. You can also send it to others using the ‘Share Map’ option to share it on social networks.
Map Maker Torrent Download makes it easy to find areas of interest in real time.
You can send Map Maker a photo or image from any source, and the program will instantly search your collection and display the location of the most interesting images at the center of the map you’re using. This, in addition to providing you with a link, includes the photo or image with the overlay on your map, so you can use them as a reference to properly zoom in on the area.
Map Maker can analyze your image and compare it to an aerial photo of the area.
This feature makes it easy to pinpoint the location of a feature and see if it was captured in the right moment. In addition, the ‘Geolocate’ feature is supported by many free and paid services, so you can easily pinpoint the location of any object.
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Searchers can also evaluate the risk related to searching for a specific location. Our ‘Danger’ feature allows users to warn you of dangerous areas and/or routes, such as bridges, rivers, and whatever else.
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Map Maker With Keygen [Mac/Win] [Latest] 2022

Use Map Maker Cracked Version to create your very own 2D or 3D maps. You can add new layers to a map with various maps file formats or import digital raster map data, such as GIS data. Create lines, polygons, symbols and text. Import different GPS data, such as geocaches and waypoints.

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Map Maker App 2.6.4
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You can download the Map Maker app for FREE from the Google Play Store.
Once you open the app you will see Map Maker and several options to create the exact map you want. When you select to create a new map you will be presented with an empty template with several options.
You have the option to import existing vector maps into the app. You can also generate your own vector maps by simply creating lines, polygons, symbols and text. The vector tools are also customizable allowing you to create your own templates.
You can add and edit GPS data from within the application. You can import addresses, waypoints, tracks, etc. To import GPS data you have two options to choose from.
— Using a web connection to import web information from a variety of GPS websites such as Google, Google Earth, Maps and others. You can also import raster map data from shapefiles, DBF, GPX, KML, TXT and SVG formats.
— Use GPS data saved on your device. You have the option to import address, waypoints, tracks, etc. And then you can load the GPS data into Map Maker. If you are using Android 4.0 or higher you can also have the option to save the GPS data directly to your phone’s SD card and then transfer the data. You can also have your GPS data saved to a JSON file and transfer that instead. The GPS data will load into the application.
Once you’ve finished loading the GPS data you can edit the waypoints, geocaches, etc., by saving each edit as a separate layer. You can export your map in several formats including PDF, PNG, JPG, GEO, SVG and various vector formats.
Map Maker allows you to create any kind of map, large and small, with different map projection options. You can easily search for and highlight any areas of interest. You can also specify specific GPS coordinates or go to a specific location within the map using the zoom and scroll feature.

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Map Maker App 2.7.5

Map Maker Registration Code PC/Windows

Map Maker for ArcGIS is a free and easy to use GIS utility designed specifically to help any person who wants to easily create maps based on topological and other maps or layers.
Map Maker lets you create interactive GIS maps with your existing data stored on your computer with few steps. For that you will need the Topo to Shape conversion utilities, a high quality map, and a web browser.
At the end, you will have a map that looks like a professional map and can be exported as an image, a pdf, an html or csv file. You will also be able to post your map on the internet or to your social media profile.
Key Features of Map Maker:
• Create maps directly based on all GIS-related maps, overlays and layers.
• Use an easy to understand map that comes with a user interface without any complex options or functions.
• Convert a Topo to Shape for use with the Map Maker.
• Create an interactive map to build any map you want.
• Export maps as PDFs or PSDs for any publication.
• Post the map to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.
• Export multiple maps as an individual csv file or as a single html or pdf file.
• Import and export GPS coordinates for topographical maps.
• Calibrate the features or symbols on the map to your desired values.
• Import street names, POIs, maps, and many more.
• Type, trim, and edit the graphic images on the map.
• Create a sophisticated map for any GIS-related need.
What’s New in 7.0
1. Topo to Shape conversion: Now you can convert a shape to a Topo file with the Topo to Shape utility.
2. Import GPS data: You can now import and export GPS coordinates for topographic maps.
3. Added source map information and geographical area.
4. Added a new Topo to Shape converter utility.
• In order to use some of the features described in this guide, you will need ArcGIS for Desktop 9.3, the latest version is now available.
• Map Maker only can create maps based on numeric values that were entered in the map, and polygons of a polygon layer, so you can’t work with them with just a shape layer.
• A Topo to Shape converter utility for converting the shape to a Topo map was added to the software in July

What’s New In Map Maker?

Create maps and perform all the required tasks in a few clicks. Create line, polygon and route maps as well as create a map’s overview. Map Maker is a free tool you can use to display your own maps or create maps for others.

Software Downloads

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