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NameHakuoki Kyoto Winds: Winds Treasure Box
Rating4.67 / 5 ( 8718 votes )
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ZyNET is a student-run small outfit in Basel (Switzerland) specialising in creating 2D games.
To date we have created several game prototypes and one short game (the Grim Ending).
Although we are not professional game designers, we love games, and try to make good games.
We want to make games with the same possibilities and features as games on platforms such as the PS3, the XBOX360 or the Wii, but in a different form.
Our games are made with pixel art, 2D point and click and a simple yet satisfying non-violent storytelling that keeps the player in complete control to make the story his.
ZYNET is still a student run organisation and is (with rare exceptions) a hobby for us to relieve our daily lives.
Here you can find one of our prototypes, a game that is still in development. We expect to finish the game over the next two years and are making plans to launch it through the online platforms of Nintendo and Sony.


This game was made by a student team from Ghent, Belgium. During the European Film Festival Cinema KUBE 2016 the game was presented as a part of the competition Final Shots.
The game follows a young woman who is having a romantic date with her boyfriend.
During the evening their passion outgrows common sense, and Krystal and Richard decide to copulate on the balcony. Unfortunately the game crashes after a few seconds. The editor was never finished, but the player can enjoy this short 2D puzzle game.


Elections is a game about democracy and elections, created in 2008 by the Spanish game designer Reda Jesús. A poll was held to find out which of the games developed by the team of five members would be the winner. The public chose the title over their rivals such as The Grim Ending and A Small Game in Large Times (A SMALL GAME IN LARGE TIMES for Americans).


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headline-news.com’s Edward Wyatt. David Kupelian is the co-author of «The Snows of Kilimanjaro» and «Shattered Faith: The Apostasy of the Church» and the author of «The Marketing of Evil,» published by Plume.


— With his


Additional Information

NameHakuoki Kyoto Winds: Winds Treasure Box
Rating4.67 / 5 ( 8718 votes )
Update(14 days ago)


Features Key:

  • Brand new high-resolution graphics (expect graphical quality in movies to increase in the days of future)
  • Completely optimized for current consoles (Xbox One, PS4)
  • Two different difficulty levels
  • Highly customizable controls
  • Customizable controls
  • Choose how much music to play during scene transitions


Hakuoki Kyoto Winds: Winds Treasure Box

Become an intrepid, resourceful voyager in this vast, open ocean wilderness. Harness an array of futuristic technologies to unravel the mysteries of a living planet. Encounter horrifying monsters, wondrous armors, and discover prehistoric beasts, as you expand your submarine and brave the planet’s many dangers.


Deeply immersive single-player campaign of 12 epochs and 56 to 70 hours long.

A massive quest and “grab” system to discover the mysteries of Subnautica’s oceanic world.

Discover huge, procedurally-generated oceans using the world’s first open-world hand-crafted management system.

Discover, harvest, and craft over 100 unique underwater artifacts.

Fight an array of fierce enemies and terrifying creatures in a massive, dynamic open world.

Wander at your own pace through an open-ended adventure to unravel Subnautica’s secrets.

Subnautica’s world is alive with its own ecosystems, evolving every day. Experience the game like never before, and observe this dynamic world come to life in stunning HD.

This game offers in-game purchases. You can read more about this in the Online Pass Introduction article.

Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB. Download on Steam now.

Purchase Subnautica on PS4 or Xbox One (Online or Retail) for the full game experience.Online Pass is required to play online. Must be activated on first login. Restrictions may apply.

Subnautica is developed by the award-winning Unknown Worlds Games.

If you play on PS4, we highly recommend downloading the Subnautica Free Trial. The full game experience including all epochs, achievements, and character unlocks is available for purchase on both PS4 and PC.

To see all the magnificent islands and creatures that make up Subnautica’s pristine oceanic world, you’ll need to explore far and wide. Subnautica’s expansive oceans are a living, breathing ecosystem where you’ll encounter all sorts of unique wildlife, from deep-sea fish and whales to prehistoric megafauna. This alive and evolving world can be explored from the water, as you traverse the ocean floor in search of ruins, precious metals, and ancient mysteries.

A Small, Perilous Life

A small, unarmed scientific expedition prepares


Hakuoki Kyoto Winds: Winds Treasure Box Free Download


«A great hero who would break the shackles of the civil war, the new Gongsun Zan will lead all those who despise him into a perilous state, and he will make the world tremble with his strength»

{ — GAMEPLAY DESCRIPTION: «EXPLOSION» — }The results of the recent unexpected change in power between the three warring clans in Hebei have shattered both the peace and quiet in the Hebei region and have once again forced the civil war to ravage the people of this region. Facing the threat of invasion by the three warring clans, the Tang forces are now being continuously pressured by several battalions of enemy reinforcements, resulting in a civil war that has been raging for the past seven years. Even the general peace among the three warring clans has been shattered, which has further aroused the discontent of the people. On the background of such a scene, there is the chance that the clans will start allying with one another again, resulting in the renewal of the civil war. There is no sign that the enemies are about to withdraw their forces to fight a war of attrition. Rather, they are currently preparing to assault the Tang Empire by making a major military strike while presenting a great threat to the Tang Empire.

In Hebei, the Tang forces had been forced to reduce their military strength and manage their forces to a minimum. The Tang Empire’s army is being severely restricted by the threats to the north of the Huai River, and therefore, they have greatly reduced the number of available troops in the Hebei region to seven thousand men in order to deal with the recent unrest.{ — A STICKER MESSAGE — }

«In this condition, the Tang Empire has nothing to worry about. Even if the forces of the three warring clans were to join hands against the Tang Empire, there is no reason to be concerned. I shall lead my own forces and destroy the enemy.»

— RESULTS OF THE LAST CAMPAIGN OF THE TANG EMPIRE — «The third campaign of the Tang Empire at the Hebei region has ended with a total victory for the Tang Empire. This time, we will definitely not allow any provocation from the three warring clans. The opposing forces of the three warring clans have all been eliminated by the Tang forces, and we have thus secured our northern boundary from outside interference.



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