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Excubitor, an original action-strategy game, combines tower defense and shmup gameplay elements with a unique premise that will make you forget about any tower defense games you’ve already tried!
Play as the Hegaron (a character with a brain and a heart and powerful shooters), as well as four other cute and deadly Hunters who have different play styles and special moves!
Exchange your kills with other Hunters of the same team, or even face off in a duel!
Defeat over 100 different alien creatures, all powerful weapons, and deadly traps!
Hunt for the Aliens’ hidden bases and collect the objects hidden in their base, or even take them alive!
Take advantage of the unique powers of your Hunters and tactical gameplay with super shmup and tower defense elements!
Now here’s the best part: Excubitor is completely free to play — enjoy over 100 levels and hundreds of challenges!
If you like Shuffle and Block games, you’ll definitely like Excubitor.
Shuffle and Block games are fast-paced and action packed.
Excubitor also has a nice combination of them in between.
This game is available for free in Google Play!

Excubitor is a beautifully designed game with a HUD, touch and button control.
Not only would you definitely enjoy exploring the game environment and checking your options, but it would also look great on a tablet!

Play as your favorite character, and let your heart guide you.
Explore the world of the Hegaron and do your best!
Play as one of the four Hunters and take down the Alien’s Scrapbreakers

— Multiple playable characters
— Customizable HUD
— Many challenges and maps to test your skills
— Over 100 levels and challenges
— Free-to-play game — no purchase required
— Online leaderboard and high scores
— Game Center achievements
— iCloud sync
— Retina display support
— Playable via touch or through joysticks (Gamepad mode)
— Supports many Google Android devices
— Optimized for most Android tablets changes in diet and/or lifestyle can all be achieved easily. A few examples are given, but the reader is referred to the reference list for a detailed account of the proposed nutritional changes.The Perfect


Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup + CrackDOWNLOAD

Excubitor Features Key:

  • Heavyweight game engine with easy integration (C++ interface)
  • Advanced means of drawing 2D layers
  • Draw complex animated characters, and effortlessly import FLIP3D renderings
  • Manage objects of any class and size
  • Special packing format, to implement fast and realtime scene change
  • Use STL containers for room layout and movement with portability
  • Comprehensive documentation with examples and reference (includes a pdf card set)
  • Support 8,16 and 32 bits Windows systems
  • Features of the demo version:

    • Character: 1 agent
    • Room: square, size: 40x40x40 game units
    • Number of objects: 100
    • Number of agents: 1 agent
    • number of rooms: 1 room
    • Game can manage up to 5 characters (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 agents)
    • game run as single-player game (melee only)
    • in-game reports for action in progress and timers
    • underground area
    • game can save and load to disk on exit


    Developer tools: