Darksiders 2 Save Editor [BEST]

Darksiders 2 Save Editor [BEST]


Darksiders 2 Save Editor

if you are going to be spending a lot of time on this save game editor, and you’ve never done this before, think about giving your friend the boring part of the job. there is no shame in asking a friend for help when you don’t understand something.

while loading a game back up in the editor, you might get to see data that you don’t recognize. don’t worry about it, or don’t be afraid of it. this will not affect your game. just try to figure out what it means. if you can’t figure it out, leave it alone and go home.

here you’ll find a whole lot of other editors, each with their own techniques, quirks, and how-tos. some editors, like the beta editor, are set up just for the xbox one, while others, like the forza motorsport editor, are more universal.

the most important feature of this item is that you can (like the second scythe) gain a level 1 legendary weapon called the edge of chaos. this item enhances the same way that the chaos fang does — so its the same as it does there.

«as of august, 23 2014, the edge of chaos has been released in germany, france, japan, belgium, canada, korea, the netherlands and the uk. it is priced at $38.99 while the chaos fang costs $9.99. a dlc «chaos edition» of the two weapons was also released in the netherlands.»

«this item is the wand of dark souls. it’s a weapon from the darksiders series that gives the user the power to turn themselves into a darker version of their original self. they can summon a number of spiritual allies to help them on their journey through dark regions. the wand will allow you to manifest some spells not available to the player which require that you turn into a dark form. so now you can obtain the spells, dark form and dark soul. with these you are able to cast a dark war spell and summon an army of spirits to fight alongside you. the ability to summon dark spirits is similar to the summoning spell on other games. depending on the spell you cast the summoned spirits will fight for you or against you. a casting of the dark soul spell will summon three spirit warriors, raven, queen and demon.»

might have to expect a few glitches while editing data, but editing the save game and fixing mistakes. it’s not rocket science, because not only do you have to complete the necessary editing steps, but you have to have a good track record of programming.
when you get your first kind of error while editing data, your smartass is out of line and you just get frustrated. but, you will learn a lot even from those who have been doing this for years, so start trying. when you start getting increasingly frustrated, it’s time to just stop and learn something new.
just start something new, something completely different. there is no point in just starting a new program or making a bigger, much more complex game if you are not capable of working on a smaller one. just accept that there is always going to be a learning curve when it comes to a change that you want to make.
you’ll be offered an optional help file and some instructions, and you can either follow them or ignore them as you see fit. it won’t hinder the process of editing, but it can increase the amount of data that you can edit by around 5%.
a seemingly simple file with a huge payoff. you’ll get a chance to see the savegame at the highest level, fully loaded up, and you’ll be able to see exactly what the game is doing. this is a great way to get a better understanding of savegames and of how savegame editing works.
if you are a coder, you can always get help from a friend with coding experience. depending on what you are editing, you may find that a friend is better suited to the task. most editors have different levels of difficulty, so you will get the idea of what your friend can do.


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