Best Of Iron Maiden Torrent 🤘🏿

Best Of Iron Maiden Torrent 🤘🏿



Best Of Iron Maiden Torrent

nick: a classic maiden tune from the 1980s (although i find it hard to believe it was only released in 1987). the song was recorded at the time for the special edition of piece of mind and was later released as a single in 1987. this is the version that you hear on the album, and i prefer it to the original. the cover art is not as good, but the song is more polished. its a good maiden song. the build up to the chorus is one of the best maiden choruses i have heard. its a great song and i like it. the fact it never made it to the live set just makes it all the more special.

ive always felt maiden were a bit overlooked with their early albums. yes, the first two records are rock solid and have some real classics on them, but they arent really very heavy. by the time the band reached up to the release of ‘the number of the beast’ they were the heaviest band in the world. and by the time they’d finished with ‘piece of mind’ they were the heaviest band in the world, period. and while they never could have replicated the power and sheer physical presence that ronnie james dio brought to the band on the first couple of records, they certainly did a better job of showing off their massive rock chops and mastering the art of european heavy metal. lyrically, maiden are one of the great tales of the supernatural in popular culture and by no means do any of their albums fall flat. i’ll get into each album in a bit more detail, but to sum up, i think ‘brave new world’ is a great album, but not up there with the best of their early albums. it’s a damn fine record though, and has some great songs on it.

a real rarity in the band, one of only a handful of maiden tracks to be a cover. this is a really raw track with the odd guitar lick and an incredible main riff and hard rock break in the middle. very raw and simple. a real progression on the number of the beast album. this one gets some airplay in the us nowadays as they play the number of the beast album in one big marathon. the 5.33 mark is legendary, it is pure maiden at its very best. its got that power, that line in the sand attitude and the hooks are so good. what more could you ask for?
nick: the first song they played live on the piece of mind tour to date. one of the most important tracks from the album and they could never really match its power live. a real stand out in the album. easily the best track on piece of mind. if you love maiden then you will love this one. it is one of the few maiden songs that has an obvious story in its lyrics. an angry war tale told with a tale of heartache. the dual guitar break is always a special thing in maiden and this one does it again with some brilliant soloing from eddie. the entire song is a real earworm as its infectious as hell. gotta love the finale which has eddie come back in the verses for the first time in ages. the change in vocal style might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it works. the final chorus is maiden perfection. this is a very special track to me and is a real highlight for me.
nick: another one of the first songs to be played live, this one has everything you could want from a maiden song. great riff. great dual guitar break at the start, great solo from harris and just great song. im not sure why it is not a number one but it certainly is a real all rounder. brilliant song.

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