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the bear, as well as being female, is also igor’s. it was shot and killed by igor’s grandfather dmitry kolomoisky. igor is an avid photographer and has an exhibition of his images on the wall of his office in ukraine.

the white tigers live on an island on the dnieper river near kiev. according to a friend of igor’s, they are sometimes allowed to swim in the river. a white tiger that was seen swimming with a woman in burya in the summer of 2012 has been shot dead.

igor added: ‘it’s a pity. if i’d had a video camera with me at the time i might have been able to film the tiger and the woman swimming. then i might have had a video of the white tiger in the water with a ukrainian girl. it would have been pretty exciting.’

the kolomoisky family have a high profile in ukraine, and even in russia. the wife of the late russian boris berezovsky has a house in crimea. the owner of the berezovsky oil company, denis osipovich, is one of the owners of azov films.

kolomoisky’s name is inextricably linked to the azov battalion, and there’s no doubt he funds a substantial portion of its activities. the group has claimed responsibility for the killing of unarmed protesters in 2014-2015, though other observers have cast doubt on its role. that said, media reports have revealed kolomoisky’s connections to many of the various «patriotic» groups that formed the backbone of the violent anti-government uprising and occupation of kiev’s maidan square in 2014. kolomoisky’s political party has also been accused of employing neo-nazis and fascists.

i have no doubt that the us and canada will be the two main markets for the azov and indeed for the far-right. they are already a well-established and powerful political force in canada and other parts of western europe, with a strong presence in the us.
the azov battalion is a russian neo-nazi group, founded by andrey bortnikov, who was later elected as the head of the federal security service. the group is made up of volunteers, mostly from various neo-nazi and extremist groups such as the national socialist underground (nsu), the blood and honour (b&h) network and the russian national unity (rne).
he has had to endure repeated attempts on his life, including two bomb attacks on his apartment and a car bomb in front of his house. ukrainian police have identified the man who placed the bombs in a previous attempt to kill igor in july 2007. but he has also faced threats from right-wing groups and ukrainian nationalist groups. in july 2014, ukrainian nationalists attacked the headquarters of the national guard of ukraine (ngu) and held their leader hostage.
after taking part in an expedition to the eastern kamchatka peninsula, igor kryvov began working as a translator for the ekho moskvy radio station. his first bear documentary was broadcast on ekho moskvy’s nature and documentary programming. the film, bear watch: gorod akumalii (bear city), has been credited for the creation of a bear festival in murmansk, the capital city of russia’s kola peninsula.

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