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AutoCAD’s roots

The beginnings of AutoCAD, like most successful software products, are traced back to the work of one particular individual. In fact, many of the most defining moments in the history of AutoCAD were a direct result of the creative vision of one man: Michael A. Chambers (1947- ).

AutoCAD’s roots

Inspired by his studies in architecture, Michael Chambers started creating architectural CAD drawings on his home computer at a time when the computer graphics capabilities of the day were primitive at best. By the mid-1970s, he had created some very impressive designs on a PDP 11/40 computer. With the launch of Xerox’s PARC research center in 1972, he transferred his skills to the world of computer-aided design (CAD). In 1975 he first approached Sigma Software about creating CAD software on a microcomputer for his architecture firm, Chambers Engineering. Sigma was an upstart company that was part of the new microcomputer industry, developing CAD software for the then-newly emerging PC computer. In 1976, as the first microcomputer-based CAD product was starting to hit the market, Chambers Engineering decided to develop its own software.

With three engineers working with him, Michael Chambers quickly developed the first version of AutoCAD on a DEC PDP-10 minicomputer. The company, Sigma Software, was later renamed Autodesk. By the end of the 1970s, AutoCAD was on its way to becoming a world-class design tool.

The phrase «like a sonnet, but for the computer» was developed to describe the unique capabilities of AutoCAD.

The PARC and Xerox engineers saw the early design capability of Michael Chambers’s software and suggested that Chambers should apply for funding from Xerox PARC, which was part of a new corporate program designed to foster the growth of new commercial technologies. Of the more than a dozen applications submitted to Xerox PARC, Chambers’s program got the most funding.

After a series of product releases and upgrades, Chambers founded Autodesk in 1982, and in 1985, Autodesk purchased the rights to all previous Sigma products. These programs and technologies were then included in Autodesk’s software portfolio.

While developing his original architecture CAD software, Michael Chambers learned a great deal about computer-aided design and drafting. His thoughts on the evolution of the software application itself, and how it

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Solid modeling and finite element analysis
AutoCAD is a well known CAD package and is the primary CAD package in use throughout the U.S. Department of Defense, Space and industry.

AutoCAD is also used extensively for solid modeling and finite element analysis. AutoCAD is used with a wide variety of different FEA packages including:
MICRO-Honeywell ANSYS Workbench

AutoCAD’s direct support for finite element modeling has historically been an integral part of its design from its earliest incarnations. The feature set has remained relatively unchanged since AutoCAD’s first release, and continues to evolve through new releases. However, the modeling software interface has gone through several changes to improve the modeling and simulation workflow.

Some notable developments in AutoCAD FE modeling include the introduction of the FEA Builder and the Isosurface function, a critical development to help simplify the design and simulation process.

The file format is the DXF file format, which allows transferring information between several software programs. DXF files include information on the object such as the object itself, and also include information on the entire drawing including attributes. DXF files support dimensions and are used for both drawing and FEA.

Solid modeling
AutoCAD can import and export STL (stereolithography) models.

Solid modeling is used in most CAD packages, including SolidWorks, CATIA, Inventor, and Mitsubishi’s PTC Creo.

Solid modeling features include:
Surface models
Parametric models
NURBS models
Explicit curves
Contour/grid editing
Reverse engineering

Finite element modeling
Finite element modeling is the process of using CAD software to simulate a model to check its structural integrity by solving the mechanical equations that apply to that type of model. In engineering analysis, finite element analysis (FEA) is a numerical method for calculating stresses and strains in a body.

AutoCAD’s FE modeling features include:
Dynamic elements
Smart grids
Point cloud representations

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Downloading and installing AutoCAD

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Available languages

Available languages:

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import and mark-up workflows for AutoCAD 2013 users

You will be able to use Markup Import and Markup Assist to import a wide range of mark-up files. Import mark-up files with any markup language, including text, shapes, and annotations, and take your designs to the next level of detail. You will also be able to add and edit comments to drawings and parts. (video: 1:27 min.)

We’ve been bringing AutoCAD into the 21st century with our latest release of AutoCAD. Version 2023 is our first major release of AutoCAD with the Mac release in 2019.

Full Release Notes

What’s New

New Features

New Markup Functionality

For designers with version 2013 or earlier of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2023 includes many new features that help you create more detailed drawings, including the following:

“Pick” Action

AutoCAD 2013 users can “pick” any vector or point and automatically create a clipping path to restrict the drawing region. AutoCAD 2023 lets you import drawings from PDFs and take advantage of PDF clipping paths to restrict the drawing region automatically. In AutoCAD 2013 and earlier, you had to manually specify the drawing region when creating the clipping path. AutoCAD 2023 allows you to use “pick” to create drawing regions.

For example, here you are specifying an appropriate clipping path.

Note: Only AutoCAD 2013 or earlier can be used to create the clipping path. If you have AutoCAD 2013 or earlier and it is running on a computer with a 32-bit version of AutoCAD, use this 32-bit PDF and its embedded clipping path to generate the path in your file.

You can change the clipping path by using the Clipping Tool and “Pick”. Then, to make all or part of the clipping path, use the Clip Area selection tool on the Toolbar.

For drawings where you want to restrict the drawing region, you can take advantage of PDF clipping paths. Open the drawing in AutoCAD 2023, and follow the steps below:

Select Pick and clip from the Draw menu and pick any vector or point in the drawing.

A new entry is added to the Clipboard drawing region and the clipping path is added to the current drawing.

You can keep the clipping path

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 7, 8, or 8.1 — PC (32-bit or 64-bit)
1 GHz processor or faster
10 GB available hard drive space
DirectX 10.0c
800 x 600 display resolution or better
Windows Media Player 11 or later
Ability to view video formats (.wmv,.avi,.mp4)
Internet Explorer 9 or later
To install the game, double-click on the game and follow the prompts

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