Abgx360 Lt 2 0

Abgx360 Lt 2 0



Abgx360 Lt 2 0

another question i have have for you is do i have to keep the iso file to burn the game again or can i delete the iso file and just use the image file that was made after i ran the iso through abgx360 i only ask because the iso are like 5-8gb each and the image file is only kb and its taking up a lot of space on my hard drive.

if anyone wants to download abgx360 you can go to > abgx360 lt 2 0???????

i’m not exactly sure how this would work, but i had a friend who was running an xbox 360. she had an image file that she downloaded from the xbox website. she then ran the image file through abgx360 to verify it. then she burned the image file to a dvd-rw. after that, she could copy the image file to her hard drive and play the game. i’m not exactly sure how that would work, but i’d love to know. if anyone has any experience with this, i’d love to hear from you.

i am having a problem with abgx360, but i would like to ask for some help to resolve this. the problem is, i am having a hard time getting to the verification part of the tool. i have a dvd and i copied the contents of the disc to the hard drive so that i can burn it. i ran abgx360 on the disc in order to verify the disc, but when i launch the software, i have no idea how to get to the verification part. i have done an extensive search on the internet for a step by step guide, but i cannot find one. i tried the steps from the faq page, but it does not work for me. i would really appreciate some help, so if you know how to get to the verification part, i would really appreciate it.

if you have a problem or an idea for an update to the tool, please feel free to let me know in the «forums» section on the «wiki» page. additionally, if you want to test your home game on the live preview system, you can just create a new image file for your game, and use this guide to create a live preview image . finally, you should include the menu screen from your game when you make the image.
anyway that is it for today. please feel free to leave some comments and i would really appreciate it. if you try this software please let me know what you think about it and how it works for you. thanks and have a nice day.
abgx360 is a disk image verification tool for windows. it is basically a graphical user interface for an executable file that contains a set of verification instructions. this utility is used by owners of xbox 360 consoles to verify that their image files are patched accordingly. xbox 360 consoles can be modified to read backup disks recorder on regular dual layer dvds. when you copy your own games, you need to patch them with ss and dmi files so that the servers cannot detect them as copies or bad burns. thus, there is a need for abgx360. it scans your image files against a database of original copies to make sure that they are 1:1 copies and that they can’t be detected. if verification fails, abgx360 can even patch your image so that it becomes stealth (term used by the community to refer to games that can’t be detected as copies). the application is surprisingly easy-to-use for what it does. you simply select the image file or insert the game dvd, and it will do the rest. there are some options to play with here and there, but there are detailed tutorials that take you through those. abgx360 works wonderfully from within a virtual machine, and even on files that are on other computers of your home network. so, if you don’t want to get banned when you play the copies of the games that you own, verify them with this.


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